According to general estimates, about 80 % of all available information contains spatially relevant structures, which will become increasingly important in the future. Information systems that ideally process such spatially relevant information can be summarized under the generic term geo-information systems (GIS).

WebDirekt has specialized in advising sales representatives, supporting them with suitable software and – depending on the individual requirements of the markets – creating (approximate) “optimal” suggestions for location, territory and tour planning.

Branded companies, direct sales and service organizations benefit just as much from our experience as service technicians or teams of experts. We regularly achieve significant qualitative and quantitative benefits for sales forces of 20 reps or more, each with at least three visits per day.

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Computer-aided sales planning comprises various sub-areas of increasing difficulty:

Visualization and Analyzing

Tell me, where you live
and I tell you, who you are…

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Many systems on the market today provide visualization and analysis. This includes data transfer, geocoding, various display options as well as the linking of different information levels. For example, the identification of white spots or your potential against the actual exploitation … WebDirekt can accompany and support you in all aspects. Starting with the data analysis, the selection of the optimal additional data and suppliers, over the optimal geocoding up to manifold visualization and analysis possibilities in a cloud-based multiuser SAAS environment – if desired adapted to your individual requirements.

The first step in location planning is to determine the required number and optimal location for field reps . Rarely is “greenfield planning” possible, as historical structures usually exist. Growth, merger and fluctuation are among the reasons for “green field” location planning.

In addition, so-called residential environment analyses, accessibility studies and catchment area analyses are important for all retail companies and other chain stores to determine the potential profitability of locations.

Location Planning

Once you know where, you know why…

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Territory- and Capacity Planning

Which Field-Rep is visiting
which customer – the best?

Assignment planning taking into account visit-frequencies, visit-durations and precise travel-times.

Area planning is a multi-stage planning problem that can only be solved optimally if all possible subsequent constellations (the reality in real operation) were known at any time during planning. All typical assignment methods are approximation methods with different requirements. WebDirekt offers all common functions of area planning with a suitable planning module. Whether manually or automatically, whether in the working load method or potential equalization. We are happy to advise you and you determine your goals.

Strategic route planning deals with recurring appointments or appointments that are known for a longer period of time. Regular maintenance or customer visits with known average visit times and rhythms, for example, are prerequisites. Planning periods typically vary from one week to one year – depending on the task. Planning periods or sales cycles of four to twelve weeks are most common. After that, the customer situation has often changed significantly, requiring a new framework tour plan.

Strategic Route-Optimization

Who visits whom – when?

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Operative Route-Optimization

Operational route planning describes the medium- to short-term adjustments to spontaneous changes.

When and why?
What is the next best action!

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This may be due to fluctuation on the part of the sales force, changes to the customer base or existing customer parameters, such as the frequency or duration of visits or campaigns or special tours.

Orders are often changed at short notice. Also illness, traffic jams, weather, events or any other change in the visitability of a customer can lead to changes in the tour planning and the “ideal” tours should then also be distributed as evenly as possible over the field reps and their working hours, i.e. over the working weeks and days…

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